What is HeartMath?

The power to choose the way you feel

Practical, fast, highly effective system of techniques, combined with biofeedback technology, to create emotional wellbeing.

HeartMath® Techniques

HeartMath® techniques are used by health professionals, emergency services, hospitals, education, businesses, professional sports teams and hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world.

Since the 1990s HeartMath® researchers discovered that as we experience different emotions, our heart’s rhythmic activity changes.  Emotions such as anxiety, fear and depression send out a markedly different signal than emotions like appreciation and love.  These measurable signals from our heart affect the way our brain and body respond to emotional stress.

Heart Rhythmns and Emotions
Heart rhythms and emotions graphs
Time (Seconds)

Through learning how to regulate and shift the pattern of these signals in a beneficial way, we can transform our response to both longstanding and ‘in the moment’ situations that drain our energy levels and crush our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Clinical Stress Risk Reduction
Percentage of individuals who responded "often", "very often" or "always" (n=10.249)
Before and 6 weeks after taking a HeartMath programme
Stress Reduction Graphs
Source: Institute of HeartMath (2015). Results obtained from analysis of 10,249 people who completed the Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment questionnaire (POOA-R) before and 6 weeks after completing a HeartMath Programme.

Sometimes our emotions can make us feel ‘out of control’ and thinking about them makes our situation even more stressful. HeartMath® techniques stop the over-thinking, increase our self-awareness, create a balance, and give us a choice of how and when to respond.

HeartMath® is not a talking therapy. It is not essential to disclose in-depth personal or painful issues, unless it is helpful, and you choose to do so. The techniques are independent from and can elevate the effectiveness of other therapies, such as counselling, CBT and psychotherapy.

With practice, what also emerges as our anxiety, fear and depression lift, is a stronger awareness of our almost forgotten, innate intuition and a deeper sense of connectivity.  Many of us want to trust our hearts but feel confused between our thoughts and our emotions.  Practicing HeartMath® self-regulation techniques, lessens this intensity and brings clarity and discernment. Challenges become easier to understand and to deal with.


HeartMath® techniques enable us to create coherence.  An optimal state in which our heart, mind and emotions are in sync and in balance with each other. Where our immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of energetic co-ordination.  We are self-regulating our emotions and self-managing our energy levels and creating mental and emotional flexibility.

bird on heart branch
Creating this balanced state enables us to:
Biofeedback Technology

It is fascinating to see how we can create subtle changes that shift what is happening inside our bodies! As a Coach, I will take you through this process and give you daily feedback on your practice. 

The App and Inner Balance Sensor help you to focus and practise the techniques for a few minutes each day.  They give you real-time feedback into your mental, physical and emotional state, so that you can make adjustments. This is easier than it sounds! 

Our emotions work faster than our conscious thinking. They release a powerful cascade of biochemicals around our body, which affect our nervous and hormonal systems. 

Both stressful and positive states affect the pattern of our heart rhythm. A chaotic, erratic pattern shows us when our systems are out of sync, for example when we are anxious.

We can see our heart rhythm pattern with the Inner Balance Sensor and App. Using HeartMath® techniques we can train ourselves to change a chaotic pattern to a smooth, wavelike cycle, creating a healthier state for our mind and body. We can feel the difference!

Longer term, with daily practice, we are building a new, healthier baseline of resilience, accessing a deeper state of intuition, and contributing to the energetic field around us in a higher purposeful way.

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Client Feedback…
Client Feedback Image Ninotchka Cooper

“Karen Richards’ excellent guidance through HeartMath techniques and science, has enabled me to take charge of myself. It has given me tools to regulate my energy throughout the day. Karen helped me build resilience to challenging situations through the carefully constructed HeartMath exercises she provides. The breathing techniques have brought me more clarity and calmness. The generous feedback and loving attention to detail Karen gave in response to the work I did during the HeartMath course with her is second to none. I can highly recommend Karen as a HeartMath coach.” 

Ninotchka Cooper

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