Transforming Your Anxiety and Accessing Your Heart Intelligence

This is where Science meets the Spiritual! Enjoy listening to Canadian Transformational Talk Radio host, Patricia McNair, as she interviews me live on her show based in Nova Scotia. This came about after the Executive Producer of Transformational Talk Radio and The Transformation Network contacted me, after coming across my website, and put me in touch with Patricia.

Although in the past I’ve belonged to two major religions and always held a belief in a higher creator, my journey has been grounded in the world which I see. It wasn’t until I began to access my Heart Intelligence, with the help of HeartMath® tools and techniques, that I have increased trust and awareness of my own deeper intuition. 

Patricia’s journey has been very different! Some people know her as Good Sunshine Woman, Starlight Unity Woman, and Freechild.  She describes herself as a born Seer and has spent over 25 years being Divinely Guided in travel and sharing her Spiritual Guidance through Spiritual/Soul readings, healings, customized workshops and courses. 

What Patricia and I have in common, is the focus on the Heart to access a deeper knowing of who we are and what our purpose is, living here and now on this Planet. To access this deeper intuition, or Heart Intelligence, we need to first be able to let go of fear and anxiety, so that we can activate the parts of our brain that are creative and fun, solution focused and wise.