Want to Thrive?
Not just Survive?

Would you like the energy to feel healthy and joyful? – To thrive and not just survive?

Balancing our empathy for the world, with a deep compassion for ourselves, using heart-based, scientifically validated techniques, can transform our anxiety into more effective care, decrease the ageing impacts of stress on our bodies and be a gateway to the wisdom of our intuition.

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Clarity of Mind

Increase your ability to stay focused through difficulties and make better decisions.

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Increased Energy

Less ‘wear and tear’ on your body’s systems. Learn important steps to stop energy drains.

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Emotional Resilience

Self-regulate strong emotions, prevent energy drain and recover faster from added stressors.

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Ease and Flow

Create and sustain an inner state of Coherence; an optimal state of functioning, where your heart, mind, emotions and body work in sync.

Hi, I’m Karen Richards HeartMath® Certified Coach

Karen Richards, HeartMath Certified Coach

Whilst in the turmoil of brain fog, fatigue, overwhelm and depression created over many years, I was introduced to a handful of simple heart-based techniques which, with daily practice, have transformed the way I approach stressful circumstances and the decisions I make. These easy-to-learn techniques are validated by science and their effects can be visibly seen in a waveform of changing heart rhythms. I also integrate these techniques with a Mental Fitness Program, based on the work of Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence™.

Coming from an 18-year professional background in Nursing, Public Health, with an Honours Degree in Sociology… and a sceptical mind, weary from battling with unjust systems around us, the scientific evidence for these techniques was important. It gave me the confidence and encouragement to explore something I may otherwise have thought too ‘flimsy’… or seemingly only available to those who had the luxury of time to embrace the spiritual!

We each have our own unique path and honouring this comes from the heart. Acknowledging the value of our own lives and being able to love ourselves is the key to our health, personal and social transformation and ultimately the transformation of the world we live in. 

Allow me to support you in experiencing the naturally transforming power of your own heart’s gentle, loving intelligence. Protect yourself from overwhelm and burnout, and thrive doing whatever you are passionate about in life!

Client Feedback…

“While I had tried to use the Inner Balance app on my own, it was only when I booked my first session with Karen that I truly started to understand how it worked and feel the benefits. Karen is knowledgeable, empathetic and kind. She checked in regularly, helped me create a heart-focussed breathing routine, and kept me on track. I now use heart-focussed breathing (with the app and without) regularly in my day to day life. It has really helped me and I am so grateful to have this resource.”

Heather Baker

radiating heart

Heart-based Mental Fitness Coaching

How often have you taken up something new… and then watched the enthusiasm drift away not long afterwards? Having someone to encourage you to keep going long enough to make a definite shift, and empower yourself, can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Using the Inner Balance Biofeedback Sensor and App is easy to learn and helps you build a habit of paced breathing and focus, taking you naturally into a state of coherence and balance.  You can see this happening in real-time and your practice is stored for you to review and share with me.

I offer various coaching packages, a free self-teach video course and discounts on all HeartMath® products. Coaching sessions are individual or can be shared as a couple or with a friend. We will focus on what is important to you. Sessions are online or by phone, with the Inner Balance Biofeedback Sensor purchased at 20% discount and includes a Building Personal Resilience Guidebook.

I also encourage you to join my free online WeAddHeart group at any time during or after your coaching package has finished.

My goal is that by the end of our coaching sessions, you will have:
Creating our own optimal state of well-being is a life skill based in the heart.

We all have heart intelligence. You are no exception.  There is no competition, no need for mental self-analysis…Your own heart intelligence is enough and contains your personal, unique capacity to create inner change, whatever your circumstances, and whatever the global challenges.

How can Mental Fitness support you?

How positively are you able to respond to the challenges around you, now and for the foreseeable future? Your level of Mental Fitness depends on the strength of your ‘mental muscles’ – neural pathways which create shifts in your thinking and emotions. The stronger these muscles, the easier it is to respond to challenges with a strong, calm, laser-focused, positive mindset, rather than fall into a negative, fearful, or frustrated one. You’ll notice your own stress levels reduce and you’ll be more effective at communicating with people, even those you passionately disagree with.

I offer an 8-week Heart-based Mental Fitness Program for individuals and small groups, with optional ongoing support. For clients who are already in overwhelm and burnout, I strongly recommend 6-week HeartMath® Coaching for support with recovery.

Client Feedback…
Client Feedback Image Guy De Laval Tomlinson

“I would highly recommend Karen as a HeartMath Coach. I found the technique surprisingly simple & while, (as with all things), I needed to practice to develop my skills, Karen pitched things just at the right level to help maintain my motivation.   
Karen is professional and her ability to embody the HeartMath techniques generated a calm, relaxed atmosphere during the sessions that assisted my practice and enabled me to profit further from the technique.
Having access to the Inner Balance App & Sensor, together with Karen’s kind, gentle, patient & attentive support enabled me to measure my progress, maintain my focus & enjoy the tranquil, centred heartfelt connection that felt so beneficial.”

Guy De Laval Tomlinson

Client Feedback…
Client Feedback Image Safah El-Gadi

“Karen’s down to earth and low pressure tutoring approach to HeartMath is humbly simple and yet rich in substance. The care and attentiveness Karen shares throughout the sessions and beyond is hugely beneficial, as she guides you through the science backed tools to find inner peace with ease. Through the HeartMath method, Karen has helped me to distinguish the difference between thinking with my head and thinking with my heart, even when suffering from bouts of intense anxiety. The techniques have empowered me to find strength, trust my heart and think more clearly whilst arming me with the tools to build continual emotional heart strength. Karen’s sessions are both personal and universal and have provided me with priceless skills that I can use for the rest of my life.”

Safah El-Gadi

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Client Feedback…
Client Feedback Image Josh Whisson

“Karen is an excellent teacher, her warm and calming demeanour puts you right at ease, coupled with her great insight about the techniques and the science behind them she has helped me to manage and overcome my anxieties. I would recommend HeartMath to everyone, no matter your situation.  I believe Karen’s coaching would benefit you immensely.”

Josh Whisson